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..... I was very impressed by the professionalism of Photos That Attract (PTA) and especially by the attention to detail that went into editing my photo, to be sure that the changes were accurately made.... Jan, NC

....PTA graphic artists demonstrated that they were very knowledgeable in the software used to touch up my photos............ David, CA

I have a terrible problem with acne and wanted a really good senior photo. Thanks for the great job of clearing up my skin on the photo!........Mike, IN

....I only would get two or three hits a month on my yahoo dating profile. After you worked your magic doing a little slimming of my chin, I get two to three hits a week. But best of all, the picture still looks like me and when I meet the guy, he's not disappointed........Stephanie, NY

....I had a nice picture that was too dark and read in a Dr. Phil book that dark photos are not good. I get a lot more hits now. Thanks for lightening up my photo and smoothing out a few of my lines........Rachel, FL

....Double chin gone! I did not think it was possible! Thank you!.......Robert, NM

....Slim thighs! Thanks for making me look so good. I now feel confident enough to upload a photo to, ID

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