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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for editing my photo?
Step 1:
Check the areas on the Order Form you wish to have changed. Specify details of changes in the box at the bottom of the Order Form, if needed.
Step 2: Upload additional photos, if desired and specify changes.
Step 3: Complete Order Form; Provide email and password to create an Account that will enable you to download your finished photos. Submit Payment to our Secure Site;
Step 4: Our Team of Graphic Designers work on your photos;
Step 5: You are notified via email of the completion of your photo retouching; Download Completed Photo using your email and password Account created in Step 4.
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How long does it take for your Team of Graphic Designers to retouch my photo?
The amount of time it takes to retouch a photo depends greatly on the specific characteristics of your photo. For example, if your camera has taken a photo that is highly pixelated, this would be referred to members of our Team specialized in this area. After photos are assigned to team members, they are retouched on a first come, first serve basis.

Satisfaction Guarantee Policy
What happens if I receive my photo and the areas that have been retouched or enhanced I am not satisfied with? Do I have to pay the $29.95 $24.95 Setup Fee and $8.50 for each additional areas again to have these previously retouched areas revised?
1. No, if you have already selected an area of your photo for retouching, and wish to have that same area revised, you only need to pay $8.50.
2. The procedure for providing directions to the Graphic Designer will be outlined when you download your retouched photo.

What if I wish to have additional areas changed on a photo I have already retouched? Do I still have to pay the $29.95 $24.95 Set-up Fee?
1. If you wish to have additional areas changed on a photo that you have had us retouch, you do not need to pay the $29.95 $24.95 Setup Fee again because your photo has already been entered into our system .
2. You would pay $8.50 for additional areas you wish to have retouched once you have placed your order.
3. Thus, even though the Graphic Designer has to incur the time of resetting up your photo to retouch these additional areas, you do not have to pay the $29.95 $24.95 Setup Fee.

Do you edit printed copies of photos or do you just edit digital photo files that are uploaded?
We do not edit printed copies and only edit digital photos.

Do you have any photo restrictions regarding content?
We do not accept nude photos or any form of pornography.

Are there any types of photos you are unable to edit? Yes...
1. If your photo is blurry due to a moving object or a moving camera, we cannot correct a blurred photo.
2. If the photo that you send us is out of focus and fuzzy, we cannot correct this.
3. If your photo is extremely small, that means that there are very few pixels to manipulate therefore your results will not be as good as they could have been with a larger photo that has many small pixels to manipulate. Thus, a small photo has only a few large pixels to manipulate making minute changes in eyes, skin, chin line, etc. not possible.
4. Scanned photos from a hard copy create a photo with large pixels. Thus, as with small photos explained in #3 above very small minute subtle changes in eyes, teeth, skin, are not possible.

You used the term "pixels" in the answer above. What are "pixels"?
Pixels are the little small squares that make up your photo. So, your photo actually when manipulated in the computer by our Graphic Designer is not one uniform color block. It is actually many small squares of varying colors. With a picture in which the photographer was standing close to you, you will appear larger in the photo. Thus, the Graphic Designer has the ability to change the shade and color of these small pixels to make minute changes, for example to make your eyes wider. However, if the person who took your photo was standing far back and your face appears small in the photo, less pixels will be available to our Graphic Designer to, for example make your eyes wider. Make sense?

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